Empower yourself with Maia, your new AI assistant.

Join us for an exciting webinar where we'll introduce you to Maia, our AI assistant designed to save time, create lessons on potentially anything, and simplify the first steps for new users.

​​​​​Thomas will show you how Maia can help you create the first draft of interactive lessons within 2 minutes! 

With Maia’s support, the first steps towards creating a digital lesson are now mostly automated. Instead of wondering where to begin while staring at a blank slide, you are almost immediately provided with a structured lesson suggestion that follows a pedagogical framework, and is based on your wishes.

 Highlights include:

✅ Creating the first draft of an interactive lesson within 2 minutes

✅ Seamlessly adding quizzes and polls to existing lesson slides 

✅ Uploading images or pasting text to create lessons on potentially anything 

Maia has been designed for teachers like you; to support you in creating digital lessons for your students without spending endless hours on lesson planning and creation. 🚀


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